The importance of data

TBK: Episode 4

Jason Vogel, the IT Manager at AutoZone, joins Lauren to talk about his influence on how AutoZone is using data to make business decisions.

Headshot of Jason Vogel, IT Manager at AutoZone

About the guest

Since 2018 Jason has been the IT Manager, Business Intelligence/Data Management at AutoZone. Prior to that, he spent time as a senior consultant with IBM and American Home Shield. Jason graduated from Rhodes College in 1994.


“In my case, it has been showing how much project work we can do versus how much support work we have to do. It’s easy to drift into, ‘we can’t do that now. We don’t have the bandwidth, we can’t do this because we don’t have enough people to support it’, but we spend a lot of time designing and architecting and we have developed a series of, I call them recipes. You could call them templates, but it’s reusable pieces of functionality that have become tried and tested; they’re like building blocks.”

“I always tell people that you need to find something in it that you can relate to. If you’re a programmer, if you’re a data analyst or data scientist, do something that you actually would want to use.”


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