The Data Imperative

We are in an increasingly data-driven world where winners and losers are being decided based on how well they can leverage data. In every industry, intensely data-driven companies are emerging and changing the basis of competition.

The stakes are high. Either you become great at using data, or you become obsolete.

Becoming a Data-Driven Leader

With Talend, you’ll gain the data agility you need to:

  • Harness the power of the cloud
  • Drive real-time insights and predictive analytics
  • Future-proof your data architecture
  • And, make better data-driven decisions every day

The Talend Difference


On-premises, in the cloud or hybrid environment, easily manage data of any type, volume or speed, with a unified platform for integration, big data, self-service, machine learning, governance, and more.


Integrate once, deploy anywhere. Native code generation for faster performance and less overhead. Future-proof your development effort; leverage the full capabilities of every platform and switch to the latest technology with a single click.


Benefit from the experience of thousands of developers and our close ties to the entire Apache ecosystem. Talend’s open source rooted tools enable you to keep pace with the latest market developments and innovations.

Talend’s unified platform architecture meets all of our needs with regards to data integration and data governance. We looked at functionality, ease of use, and scalability. Talend has everything we need today to meet our marketing requirements and what we will need in the future.


Anyone can be Data-Driven

Talend Fall ’17 release introduces Talend Data Preparation Cloud,
the fastest and easiest way for business users to access, transform, and combine cloud data:

Always-on and Easy
Cleanse Any Data
Secure & Governed
Get up and running in seconds with data preparation as-a-service, with nothing to install, upgrade or maintain.Advanced data preparation capabilities to access any cloud or on premise source.IT can deliver results quickly to give business users access to the data they need.

How Talend Beats the Competition

A single solution that meets all your integration needs.
Connect data and applications on-premises or in the cloud, real-time or batch, big data to master data with the same powerful interface and visual tools.
An open source, community-driven approach.
Keep your projects out of vendor lock-in with access to a broad range of community-driven complementary solutions. Get the agility and flexibility you need to innovate with the market.
You don’t have to learn it to build it.
The Talend visual design tool generates lightweight, native code. An eclipse-based designer makes it easy to build integration jobs leveraging the latest innovations such as Spark, Spark Streaming and machine learning.
Reduce total cost of ownership.
A simple, predictable pricing model based on developers not data sources or volumes dramatically lowers TCO. Our modern architecture reduces installation and maintenance costs and a single design environment lowers training time and cost.

Ready to Gain
Greater Agility?

Talend is a proven partner on the journey to becoming more data-driven.
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