Add a layer of trust to your digital transformation

Move faster and get better results

Make it easier for everyone in your organization to be data-driven with Talend’s native Microsoft Azure platform. Talend offers hundreds of connectors and components to store and manage your data in cloud, hybrid cloud, and even multicloud scenarios. And with data quality embedded into every step, you can be confident in your analytics.

Build better data lakes and data warehouses

Use Talend to create an intelligent data lake with Azure Data Lake or a data warehouse with Azure Synapse Analytics. Seamlessly integrate fully managed, big data environments with Azure Databricks. Our advanced integration helps you meet your company’s data quality, governance, and usability needs.

Evolve at the speed of technology

Talend’s easy integration lets your team take advantage of the newest technologies while slashing costs and growing your IT capabilities. We give you everything you need to keep up with the latest developments in serverless computing, machine learning, and DevOps.

Balance performance and security

Deploy Talend Remote Engines to run integration tasks natively with your Azure account, completely within your environment. Enhance the performance of any data integration with the confidence of a fully governed and secure data environment.

Now with Talend and our data lake in Microsoft Azure, we can anticipate the slightest wish of our guests while meeting the stringent constraints imposed by the GDPR.

Madhavi Pamulapati

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