Serve citizens better by improving data delivery, data privacy, and decision making with data you can trust

Exceed expectations for your citizens

Improve the experience for citizens across every touchpoint with customized, predictable interactions based on trusted data. Collect all your data in a single location, give your users a better experience, and power smart apps and more so people can engage with government agencies on their own terms.

Comply with data security and privacy regulations

Identify and protect sensitive data to comply with global data protection regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and more. And take advantage of the cloud to ensure the security and availability of your data.

Make better, faster decisions

Get the most from new technologies more easily with fast and secure data integration. Talend helps you put your data to work to improve operations, and our unique Trust Score™ builds confidence in decisions that impact the community.

Our mission is to help and protect people. Talend helps us meet that goal, painting a single view of a child or family at risk.

Jon Leggatt

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