Increase operational efficiency by providing real-time visibility into data across your organization

Resolve issues before they occur

Talend makes it easy to institute predictive maintenance. Migrate ETL jobs from legacy systems and shift processing to faster, cloud-based platforms for both batch and real-time processing. Blend historical and real-time sensor with external data and stage the data for advanced analytics and ML/AI to better predict failure so you can repair or replace equipment.

Take control of your supply chain

Take full advantage of your supply chain’s rich data to help you do business faster, more efficiently, and better than the competition. Talend combines data quality and data integration — at scale — giving you a more holistic view of your product life cycle to improve inventory, product quality, partner collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

Build better business analytics

Streamline the business operations that have the biggest impact on revenue and growth. Talend helps you collect massive data sets, and cleanse and prepare your data, improving your business analytics and forecasting.

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With our new data analytics platform, powered by Talend, we now can better understand where the market is going, which helps us optimize energy trading while managing risk and complying with regulations.

René Greiner

A row of five modern, white wind turbines with mountains in the backgroundA row of five modern, white wind turbines with mountains in the background

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