Application and API integration

Deliver better customer experiences and business outcomes

Share services and trusted data with user-friendly APIs

Don’t waste another minute on one-off integrations

With Talend, you can share services and trusted data across internal departments and external groups with user-friendly APIs. Streamline DevOps and lower operational costs by implementing APIs and microservices, which teams can reuse to build new projects, instead of reinventing the wheel each time.

A unified approach to application and API integration

Talend Data Fabric gives you everything you need to meet the real-time demands of the business with APIs and event-driven architectures. Use a single, unified platform for API development, application and data integration, and data quality to increase team productivity and deliver solutions to market faster.

Talend helps you increase your business agility, so you can respond faster to business opportunities or threats.

A single, unified platform for API development, application and data integration, and data quality

Ask for more from your application and API integration solution

Talend’s unified approach incorporates application and API integration into the data lifecycle, making sure you have everything you need to put your data to work.

Run with any integration style


Run any integration style, including scalable modular API, data as a service, pub/sub and point-to-point messaging, ESB, and more

Adapt to evolve business needs


Support the full API lifecycle: design, test, deploy, and manage with broad connectivity to all your systems

User friendly, customer loyalty


Visualize and implement APIs, integration patterns, routes, and mappings with an intuitive interface

Getting more from your APIs

Join Jeff Bruns, Director of Product Engineering at The Chronicle of Higher Education, for an engaging session from the Talend Connect Virtual Summit, “Tomorrow is Too Late: Building a Modern Microservice Architecture with Talend.”

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