APIs and Application Integration

Meet business demands faster with comprehensive API and application integration solutions.

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Increase productivity across integrations.

Deliver projects faster at a lower cost using a single solution for both data and application integration. Easily implement point to point SaaS integrations as well as scalable modular API, data-as-a-service, pub/sub messaging and ESB use cases as part of your event-driven architecture.

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Talend Open Studio for ESB is available for free to download and begin using today. Talend Data Services Platform supports more complex transformations, collaboration tools, and built-in data quality enabling developers to build microservices. Cloud API Services adds full API development lifecycle support.

 Open Studio for ESBCloud API Services
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Design & Productivity
Service Creation
Components & Connectors
Management & Monitoring
Data Quality, Self-Service & Governance
API Security
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Build higher quality APIs 80% faster.

Create APIs faster by eliminating the need to use multiple tools or manually code. Talend covers the complete API development lifecycle, from design, test, documentation, implementation to deployment - using simple, visual tools and wizards.

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Simplify complex mapping challenges.

Tackle complex JSON, AVRO, XML, COBOL, and B2B integrations using advanced data mapping transformation tools, with support for industry standards including HL7, EDI and others. A powerful built-in data mapper makes it a breeze to graphically manipulate complex data formats, so you can spend more time on new projects than maintenance.

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Increase your trust in data with built-in data quality.

Design microservices that embed enterprise data quality components to validate, clean, standardize and mask data in any format or size. Create trusted data services that can be easily shared internally and with partners.

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Scale your DevOps practice to meet demand.

The demand to deliver business requests more quickly requires resilient and efficient DevOps practices. Talend combines continuous integration and delivery capabilities with the ability to deploy API services as containerized microservices in a few clicks. This allows teams to quickly deliver on rapidly evolving integration requirements.

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