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NetSuite and Talend: Integrating with Cloud ERP Systems

  NetSuite, is a provider of cloud-based Financials/ERP and Omnichannel commerce solutions. Integration platform providers like Talend help with data integration, data migration and automation for NetSuite. The web services from NetSuite enables integration using Java, .NET or any other development language that supports SOAP-based web services. The framework provides comprehensive error handling and security functions […]

8 Key Takeaways from the MDM & Data Governance Summit

  A few weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to attend the MDM & Data Governance Summit held in NYC. The summit was packed with information, trends, best practices and research from the MDM Gartner Institute. Much of the information is something you don’t find in webinars or white papers on the internet. Speakers […]

5 Predictions About the Future of Machine Learning

  Machine Learning is currently one of the hottest topics in IT. The reason stems from the seemingly unlimited use cases where machine learning can play from fraud detection to self-driving cars, and even identifying your ‘gold card’ customers to price prediction. But what is the future for this fascinating field? Where is it going? […]

Getting Ready For GDPR: 5 Key Takeaways from Data 2020 EMEA

  Over the year, I’ve had dozens of discussions with customers, partners, and thought leaders on the challenges and opportunities they face in achieving GDPR compliance. Since September, I’ve seen an undeniable uptake on the number of companies focused on the “how” rather than the “why” or the what of GDPR. Interest has spread across […]

How to Create a Smart City with IoT and Big Data

  These days, it seems like every city is trying to implement “smart city” initiatives. Take Singapore for example, now known for the most extensive effort to collect data on citizens’ daily living habits/routines ever attempted by a municipality. Even Bill Gates has pumped millions of dollars into helping Phoenix in their smart city efforts. […]

Organizational Structures and Leadership in Times of Digital Disruption

  The number of studies that substantiate Germany’s digital deficit is striking. Depending on the population parameter, Germany’s rank varies from 11th place (EU Commission) to 17th (Innovation Indicator 2017), or it is generally claimed – as by Edventure recently – that Germany’s digital transformation is slow and inflexible. On the other hand there are others, […]

Achieving Unlimited Scale Using Talend ESB & Auto-scaling on AWS

  Can you believe it? The holidays are upon us again and many online shopping retailers are getting ready to scale up for the season. Online shopping companies always need to design a stable and scalable environment for their web services applications – especially with the need to be 100% available during sales events (Christmas […]

Tackling the API Driven Future with Restlet and Talend

  Today we announced the acquisition of Restlet, a leading, open source-based platform that simplifies the design, development, testing and hosting of APIs in the cloud. This is an exciting development for Talend, our partners, and customers. With Restlet onboard, we can accelerate our vision of data services that will allow our customers to securely […]