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Is Your Data Integration Platform Container Ready?

  Docker Containers are widely used and becoming even more prevalent as companies seek to streamline their operations.  Containers help decouple compute resources from applications, increasing the elasticity and hence the efficiency of IT operations.  DataDog reports that Docker usage has grown 40% over the past year, 18.8% of the DataDog sample customers use Docker.  […]

The Reality of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

  According to Gartner, over 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020. We have seen a machine master the complex game of Go, previously thought to be the most difficult challenge of artificial processing. We have witnessed vehicles operating autonomously, including a caravan of trucks crossing Europe with only a […]

GDPR & Data Management – Five Pillars for Success Using Talend

  When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes live in May 2018, businesses will need to track and trace sensitive data and determine how it is processed across their information supply chain. As a result,  the way businesses approach data management will need to be handled carefully and will need to comply with “privacy […]

Talend Summer ’17: What’s New in Self-Service Apps? (Part 2)

  In Part 1 of this blog series, I presented the benefits that Talend Data Preparation 2.1 (Summer ’17) delivers: in particular, an unmatched level of industrialization for IT and the integration of data preparations to any type of Big Data scenario – batch or streaming. In part 2, I’ll review the major new features we’ve […]

Getting Connected with Google Home Using API.AI & Talend

  This article originally appeared on Rilhia Solutions “OK Google, what can you do when connected to Talend?” In this tutorial, I will show how to create an Agent in API.AI that will respond to commands spoken to Google Home. The Agent will reverse the words in a sentence spoken to Google Home by making […]

How to Configure ELK Stack for Telemetrics on Apache Spark

  In this blog, I want to go over how to set up and deploy a Talend Spark Streaming job into a new Elastic Stack instance. Spark is the engine of choice for near real-time processing, not only for Talend but also for many organizations who have a need for large-scale lightning fast data processing. […]