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TBK: Episode 21

This episode features an interview with René Waslo, Risk and Financial Advisory Principal at Deloitte & Touche. She works as a cyber professional within the Energy, Resources and Industrials sector. In this episode, René talks about zero trust, trends in security breaches, sustainability in cyber, and encouraging women to enter the cyber industry.


“Even though it’s cyber that we’re talking about, it’s about relationships. Because cyber is trust. It’s building digital trust in your environment, your systems. For us to be able to do that for clients, they need to trust us as humans. So, it definitely does come back to the ability to build those relationships.”

“In the past you connected automatically and two machines automatically trusted each other, or two companies automatically trusted each other. And right now, we’re saying you just can’t trust. So, create a new trusted connection every time you connect. Building out that entire infrastructure is pretty technical. It’s not going to be finished immediately, it’s a journey. So, we work through topics like zero trust.”

“A couple of years ago, they said the average number of devices that an individual connected into was at least seven. We’re moving into a world of artificial intelligence
and blockchain and all sorts of other great technologies. And that’s all going to just continue to increase our need for cyber security.”

Time stamps

[5:03] Building digital trust with clients
[9:15] Sustainability in cybersecurity
[10:47] The growing complexity of the digital world
[12:34] Cybersecurity as a tech and business role
[14:04] The growing sophistication of cybersecurity breaches
[20:04] The fast-changing world of cyber
[24:47] Implementing identity access management, including connected products
[26:25] The explosion of sensor technology
[28:17] Discerning important data amid the noise
[30:22] Choosing your specialty in cybersecurity
[35:04] Women in cybersecurity


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