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TBK: Episode 2

Mark Settle, the 7-time CIO and author of the recent book, “Truth from the Valley, a Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade”, joins Lauren to discuss data mining, (and regular mining), how to recognize your constraints, the importance of performance management, and much more.


“A lot of times people talk about the CIO role. With all due respect to my colleagues, they sometimes almost attribute too much power and influence to it. In the real world, what you can do as a CIO is constrained by lots of things.”

“Traditional IT is now shadow IT because it is the dirty jobs, primarily, that IT worries about these days. Things like data management, security, and some of the integration activities; those are all behind the scenes things."

“When I look back, I think one of the areas of personal improvement that I would have counseled myself about was to just be more aggressive in performance management.”


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