Empathy and data go hand in hand

TBK: Episode 11

On this episode Lauren is joined by Karl Hightower; Senior Vice President of Enterprise Information Management and Chief Data Officer for Novant Health. Lauren and Karl discuss how data and empathy can work together, the future of data and analytics in healthcare, and much more.


“How do we take all of this data that we generate in healthcare and how do we cram it into information that is useful for making decisions? Healthcare has desperately needed that kind of change in order to interact with people and meet the expectations that customers and patients have.”

“I [want to] understand your history so that I can better treat the problems that I’m seeing. How does what I’m seeing right now, as you’ve shown up into an emergency room, how does that fit with the history that you’ve had in the past? The more that I know about you specifically, the better I will be at being able to treat you.”

“People are talking about the mRNA vaccines and how quickly it was developed. The technology has been worked on for 10 years, it’s got a lot of history behind it. Think of how effective and targeted this vaccine is. This is the way the vaccines will be done in the future.”


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