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TBK: Season 3 trailer

A new season of Truth Be Known is coming your way. Talend is bringing you all-new insights from top data leaders as they crack the code of what it means to be truly data-driven.

Philip O’Donnell: You need to understand the data. You need to understand what it can tell you, what it can't tell you, and then you need to figure out what you can do [with it], because that's how you demonstrate value.

Kelly Hereid: You can do amazing research and come up with really interesting conclusions. But if you don't have any way to tie it to the needs of your audience, the needs of your end user, it may as well have not have happened.

KJ Gupte: When it comes to data, things are needed as of yesterday. And the moment you get data, it is stale. You have data right now, but it has gone light years ahead. So you have to be extremely fast and evolve with the data.

And this season we’re introducing our new host, Faisal Khan. Faisal is VP of Data and Analytics at Talend. He’ll be turning to the biggest names in financial services, retail, healthcare, and more, to derive actionable insights that you can take and use in your business. So you can have the most important, trusted and healthy data at your fingertips. Make your data work for you. Welcome to Truth Be Known.

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