How COVID recast healthcare tech’s future

TBK: Episode 14

This episode features an interview with Evan Kirstel, aB2B thought leader, top technology influencer, and enterprise industry insider. Evan’s business, eViRa Health, acts as a social media partner to clients in the healthcare industry to grow massive global audiences and deepen user engagement. We talk with Evan about how he paired his expertise in social media with the healthcare industry to help revolutionize the future of healthcare tech.

Headshot of Evan Kirstel, Chief Data Evangelist and Cofounder of eViRa Health

About the guest

Evan is a tech influencer and social media mastermind. He has racked up more than 500,000 followers across Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and has helped companies like Samsung, IBM, and HealthTap increase their brand visibility to reach massive audiences across social media platforms.


“We need to make patients the center of care, strengthen the doctor-patient or nurse-patient relationships, and empower patients with data, insights, advice, guidance, and education.”

“We’re generating all of this data around ourselves from wearables to virtual care to remote patient monitoring. And getting all that data into systems in a clean way that doctors and researchers can use to gather insights is so important.”

“Over the pandemic, we’ve seen virtual care and telehealth go from like 1% utilization to like 35, 40%. So if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, maybe it’s been some of the adoption of these new technologies.”


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