Turning Data into Business Outcomes With A 360 Data Hub

Data is the lifeblood of digital transformation, but it is much more valuable when it is trusted and actionable. There are numerous business benefits from gathering trusted data in real time, such as: personalizing offers and recommendations, increasing compliance in a holistic way, and improving product development and innovation.  

To deliver truly valuable data that achieves these outcomes, companies are increasingly turning to a data hub as a key part of their data infrastructure. 

What is a 360° Data Hub? 

What is a data hub and why are the most forward-looking companies creating them? Download this white paper today to learn: 

  • How to create a trusted, but continuously evolving “Golden Record” of their customers, vendors and partners 
  • Ways to expand and speed up the sharing of information – between applications and employees as well as with/from customers and partners 
  • How to drive business outcomes with data across the operations for improved customer experiences, streamlined operations, and risk control.

Learn why a data hub is so crucial to your digital transformation initiatives and how Talend Data Fabric can help you deploy a data hub.

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