On-demand webinar

2021 digital transformation and better data management for the Oil & Gas industry

A virtual panel discussion with industry experts

Join Oil & Gas industry experts Talend, Perficient, and IDC for a virtual panel discussion including key topics such as:

  • Data-Driven Decisions: How can oil and gas companies manage vast amounts of data to derive value?
  • Scalability: Benefits of cloud computing to empower cross-functional teams to work more collaboratively and reduce time-to-decisions through unlimited scalability.
  • Adaptability: How do you quickly pivot to improve performance and reduce costs by leveraging innovative technologies and approaches such as analytics, integrated information platform, accelerators, and well life-cycle-aligned processes and workflows?
  • Numbers: How do emerging technologies such as big data and analytics, cloud, and mobility, apply to the oil and gas industry?

And much more…

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