Data Extraction

Benefits of an Integrated Solution for Data Extraction

IT groups today are challenged with implementing data extraction processes for a wide range of data sources. For example, in support of data warehousing and business intelligence systems, data extraction processes may need to draw from mainframes, relational and non-relational databases, files of various formats, web services, packaged applications like ERP and CRM, and more. To handle these varied tasks most efficiently, data managers need an integrated solution that can handle all types of extraction scenarios as well as related processes of data transformation and data loading.

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Talend, the leading developer of open source data management software, provides organizations large and small with integrated data extraction and ETL solutions that are powerful, reliable, and accessible. Talend's integrated data management solutions – Talend Open Studio for Data Integration and the enterprise-grade Talend Data Integration – offer benefits that more restricted, limited use tools can't match:

  • 360° visibility. With more built-in data connectors than any other data extraction solution on the market, Talend data integration software enables you to easily connect to, profile, and drill down into all of your organization's data sources, from the same unified console. From one location, you can see all your data, at high level and in detail.
  • A common interface for multiple tasks. Talend's solutions enable users to utilize a single, Eclipse-based graphical development environment for creating and managing a wide range of data extraction, transformation, and loading processes. Learn the simple interface once, and then use it across multiple tasks and projects.
  • Efficiently leverage completed work. Talend's unified repository enables you to store metadata and components and easily reuse them. With an integrated solution, your completed work builds up and reduces the time and effort required for future projects.

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Talend's Open Source Integrated Solutions Are Accessible for Everyone

Integrated data management solutions are the most efficient way to handle data extraction projects. For many organizations, however, purchasing an integrated solution from one of the few big proprietary data management software vendors is prohibitively expensive. Talend makes integrated solutions available to all organizations, with two open source product offerings:

  • Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is free to download and use for as long as you want, under the GPL open source license. Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is fully functional with ample features to support most data extraction, transformation, and loading projects. This mature open source product has hundreds of thousands of users and is continually enhanced in response to community input.
  • Talend Data Integration is an enterprise-grade solution with professional technical support from Talend. With subscription-based pricing far below the licensing costs of proprietary software, Talend Data Integration extends Talend Open Studio for Data Integration with advanced features such as real-time data cleaning and support for change data capture and seamless SOA integration; as well as enterprise-scale functionality such as team collaboration tools and built-in capabilities for load balancing and automatic failover.

Learn more about Talend’s data integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration today and start benefiting from the leading open source data integration tool.

| Last Updated: April 23rd, 2018