Open Source Middleware

Talend Leads the Way in Open Source Middleware

The enterprise infrastructure market has shifted as more organizations choose open source middleware to solve their integration challenges rather than conventional proprietary solutions. Increasingly, forward-looking organizations have recognized that the right open source middleware can deliver superior interoperability and agility, as well as substantial cost savings.

At the forefront of this market shift is Talend, the provider of open source middleware for businesses and government entities around the globe, including some of the world's largest multinational corporations. An open source middleware pioneer deemed "visionary" in recent Gartner market analyses, Talend provides its customers a wide range of data management and application integration solutions as well as superior value-added services.

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Powerful, Flexible Open Source Middleware Solutions

Talend delivers open source middleware that enables IT groups to efficiently and reliably solve a wide range of data integration and application integration challenges:

  • For data integration needs, Talend offers solutions ranging from a simple lightweight data profiler to complete systems for database migration, ETL data warehouse projects, and end-to-end master data management. Based on the familiar Eclipse development environment, Talend's ETL tool set and other data integration solutions feature more than 400 built-in data connectors and a shared metadata repository that boosts productivity across multiple projects.
  • For enterprise application integration, Talend's middleware offerings span from a lightweight, flexible open source enterprise service bus solution to a comprehensive framework for high-performance open source SOA. Talend's open source middleware solutions for application and service integration leverages and extends popular Apache projects such as Camel, Karaf, and CXF, and Talend engineers are leading contributors to those projects.

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Unmatched Value-Added Services

For data integration and for application integration, Talend offers Community Edition solutions that are free to download and use under GPL or Apache open source licenses. Talend tests these solutions under rigorous conditions and certifies them for production use. Talend Community Edition solutions are packaged for easy deployment, and are backed by comprehensive user documentation and examples along with rich on-demand training resources including tutorials and webinars. Talend also facilitates interaction among the hundreds of thousands of Talend open source middleware users, with the Talend Forum for sharing of questions and ideas as well as the Talend Exchange for sharing application extensions.

Talend also offers Enterprise Editions of its products, for mission-critical deployments. Available for a subscription fee that's far lower and more predictable than proprietary software licensing, Talend Enterprise Editions feature additional enterprise class functionality and scalability, as well as top-notch technical support and professional services from Talend.

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| Last Updated: February 19th, 2019