Finding the Right Application Integration Tool

The right application integration tool can help your organization derive more business value from your distributed systems and applications and improve your operational agility. In many ways, the better application integration solutions are those based on open source software. Best is an open source application integration tool backed by Talend, the leading provider of open source middleware.

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Why an Open Source Application Integration Tool?

Open source software has several key advantages over proprietary software when it comes to enterprise application integration (EAI):

  • Future-proofing with open standards. A critical measure of any application integration tool is its ability to accommodate an ever-changing mix of enterprise systems and applications. In this context, strict adherence to open standards is an important safeguard against vendor lock-in and process rigidity. Since commitment to open standards is at the very core of the open source movement, an open source application integration solution will more flexibly accommodate change than proprietary software.
  • Experience-driven enhancement and innovation. Because open source software draws on ideas and contributions from developers working in a wide range of real-world business contexts, the pace of innovation and enhancement is typically faster for open source software than for proprietary products.
  • Community resources. Organizations that use open source integration software are able to draw from the associated developer community for advice, brainstorming, and application extensions.
  • Better ROI. With an open source application integration tool, your costs will be lower than with proprietary software, both at the outset and over time. This translates to a faster and stronger return on investment for your application integration projects.

Why an Open Source Application Integration Tool from Talend?

Open source integration solutions are good; open source integration solutions from Talend are even better:

  • Certified production-ready. Built on major Apache open source projects, each Talend application integration tool is comprehensively tested by Talend and certified for mission-critical deployments in a wide range of production environments. Talend open source distributions save your organization testing time and provide added peace of mind.
  • Faster, easier deployment. Talend solutions integrate multiple complementary open source technologies into single packages, pre-configured for common operating environments. Talend’s pre-configured packages make it faster and easier to launch and benefit from open source integration technologies.
  • Flexible solutions. Talend offers a range of solutions tailored to particular integration needs, from lightweight enterprise service bus software to a complete package for developing, deploying, and managing SOA web services.
  • Training and support. Talend backs its products with professional quality user documentation and on-demand web-based training assets. Classroom training, technical support, and consulting services are also available from Talend.

Learn more about Talend’s application integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for ESB today and start benefiting from the leading open source ESB tool.