How to Build an End-to-End Cloud Data Integration Solution Using Talend and Google Cloud Platform

A Cloud Architect’s Handbook

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Many enterprises are using Google Cloud Platform to create cloud data lakes, build cloud data warehouses, perform data governance, and modernize their data management and data integration platforms. Moving these business operations to Google Cloud Platform allows companies to quickly gain trusted insights from numerous systems at a predictable price.

Talend + Google Cloud Platform = A Great Match

Organizations are using Talend’s suite of data integration and data integrity apps to get the most out of Google Cloud Platform’s capabilities. Talend provides native connectivity to numerous Google Cloud Platform services such as Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, and Google Dataproc.

“Talend’s connectors to Google Cloud Platform enable customers to accelerate their IT modernization and migration to the cloud,” said Sudhir Hasbe, Director, Product Management, Google Cloud. “Services like BigQuery and Cloud Dataproc, paired with Talend’s capabilities in data quality, data prep, and API delivery, allow our joint customers to derive powerful insights to previously siloed, inaccessible data sources.”

Discover Google Cloud Platform and Talend Joint Use Cases

This handbook takes a deep dive into the IT architectures developed by 3 different enterprises for big data, real-time analytics, and customer 360 projects on Google Cloud Platform using Talend. Find out how a building materials supplier, a media company, and a retailer were able to solve their integration challenges for the following use cases:

  • Improving conversion and sales rates with higher quality data
  • Building a in the cloud
  • Creating a business intelligence data lake to streamline business operations

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