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Collaborate with business, data analysts, and IT to unleash data

Transform how IT and users work together to turn data into trusted insight. Talend Data Preparation combines intuitive self-service data preparation and data curation tools with data integration to accelerate data usage across the organization.

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Talend Data Preparation is available as a single user application for free download, and as a multi-user enterprise data preparation solution added on to your Talend subscription.

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One of These Leaders is Not Like the Others

Talend Recognized as a Leader by Gartner Again in 2017 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools

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Spend less time scrubbing, more time analyzing

Data analysts spend up to 80% of their time cleaning data instead of analyzing it. What if you could slash that time with a free browser-based, point-and-click tool? Data Preparation uses smart guides and sampling to quickly identify errors and apply changes to any size data set from any source for export into any target in minutes instead of hours.


Talend Data Preparation Free Desktop

Accelerate data usage

Accelerate your time-to-insight by preparing data as a team with Data Preparation. You can share your preparations and datasets or embed data preparations into batch, bulk, and live data integration scenarios. Combined, data integration and data preparation for analytics allow business and IT to work together to create a single source of trusted data. 


Improving Data Preparation for Business Analytics

Extend trusted self-service access

When business users work with data on their own, IT loses control and visibility. Talend Data Prep tools are easy for anyone to use and ideal for teams. Role-based access, masking rules, and workflow-based data curation empower decision makers without putting data at risk or undermining compliance. 


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What’s New for Data Preparation

  • Use Spark continuous matching and machine learning
  • New self-service Salesforce and Amazon S3 connectors
  • Promote data preparations across environments

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