MapReduce Programming

MapReduce programming is an essential big data skill.

Any developer working with big data must have extensive skills in MapReduce programming. Also working with YARN, MapReduce is the software framework that powers big data by managing the distributed processing of massive data sets across hundreds or thousands of servers in a Hadoop cluster. To effectively handle big data projects like social data mining and sensor data analytics, developers need deep MapReduce programming experience.

Trouble is, few developers today have MapReduce programming skills. Big data technologies like Hadoop and MapReduce are still fairly new, and there aren't many developers who have had a chance to train in MapReduce programming or manage complex projects using these skills. The developers who are experts in this area are already working for the leading companies and are highly paid. That means organizations that want to get into big data face the prospect of spending a great deal of money to hire top developers and train their existing teams. Or they can address their MapReduce programming needs with Talend.

Talend simplifies MapReduce programming.

Talend provides software for big data that enables developers to manage big data with MapReduce programming – without needing to learn new skills. With easy-to-use tools, Talend lets developers access enterprise data from any source, integrate it quickly into massive data sets, and transform it expertly to deliver better business intelligence.

As an open source platform running 100% natively on Hadoop, Talend lets developers use the skills they already have to handle MapReduce programming and work with HBase, Hive, Oozie, Sqoop, HCatalog, Pig and other big data technologies. Talend is tested and certified to work with leading Hadoop distributions like MapR, Amazon EMR, Cloudera, and Hortonworks for Hadoop. And Talend provides connectivity that lets developers work with NoSQL databases in Hadoop – MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, Neo4J, Riak and others.

Use MapReduce programming to manage big data projects.

With Talend, developers can use MapReduce and other big data technologies to:

  • Integrate data sources. Talend provides 800+ connectors that let developers quickly access data from any source, and visually map it to targets in an easy-to-use graphical environment. Developers can also use pre-built connectors for HBase, Cassandra and MongoDB in Hadoop without needing any specific knowledge of NoSQL.
  • Transform big data sets. Talend provides the tools to quickly map, compare, filter, evaluate and transform data, without needing to learn MapReduce programming skills.
  • Manage big data projects. An easy-to-use, intuitive environment makes it easy to schedule and monitor big data jobs.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.