[TOS tutorial 01] Discovering Talend Studio

In this tutorial, discover Talend Studio and its interface, create a project and a simple demo Job.

This tutorial uses Talend Open Studio for Data Integration version 6.

1. Create a Talend project

Talend Studio allows you to organize your work into Projects. When running for the first time, you will have to create your first Project.

2. Inside Talend Studio

The Talend Studio interface includes several panels called views.

The Project Repository lists all project items such as Jobs (java ETL programs), Services, code, metadata, and project documentation.

The Job Designer is the main view of the studio in which components are used to create ETL jobs.

The Palette lists all available components, organized in folders.

The Component Area displays all parameters to configure a component. Note that the information displayed in this area depends on what is selected in the Job Designer.

The Run View triggers the execution of a Talend Job and displays its results in the console window

Talend Studio helps creating ETL programs using a graphical user interface. These programs are called Data Integration (DI) Jobs.

3. Create a Job

  1. Ensure that the Integration perspective is selected.
  2. In the Project Repository, right-click Job Designs.
  3. To open the New Job wizard, click Create Standard Job.
  4. In the Name field of the New Job wizard, fill in the name of the Job as simpleJob.
  5. In the Purpose field, enter Display a message.
  6. In the Description field, enter This tutorial uses a component to display a message box with a custom message.
  7. To close the wizard and create the job, click Finish.

The Job Designer opens an empty Job.

DI Jobs use Components. Talend Studio offers a comprehensive library of more than 800 components for Data Integration.

4. Add a tMsgBox Component

  1. To add a tMsgBox component, in the Palette, click the Misc.
  2. Click the tMsgBox component and drop it on the Job Designer. This simple test-oriented component displays a message box.

Alternative method: You can also add a component to the Job Designer by placing the mouse pointer in the Job Designer and typing the name of the component that you want to use. When you start typing, a list with matching component names appears. To select a component, double-click the component name.

5. Configure the tMsgBox_1 component

  1. In the Job Designer, click the tMsgBox_1.
  2. To define the Basic settings for the component, in the Components view, click the Component.
  3. Change the "Title" and "Message" fields, change the icon in the dropdown menu.

6. Run the Job

In the Run view for the Job simpleJob, click Run.

The message box is displayed.


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