MySQL to Snowflake in Minutes

When it comes to collecting and storing web application and mobile device data, MySQL is the platform of choice for many businesses. Moving your data from MySQL to your Snowflake data warehouse doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—Talend Cloud simplifies the process to reduce your spend and deliver the fastest time to value for all your MySQL data.

  • Simplify your migration with graphical tools, automated ETL, and advanced security features
  • Integrate additional data sources with over 900 additional connectors
  • Keep control of your data with on-premise, cloud, or hybrid integration options
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks, redundancy, and bottlenecks
  • Control costs with clear, predictable pricing options and scalable solutions

Talend for MySQL

Whether your MySQL database is on-premises or in the cloud, Talend for MySQL makes it easy to migrate data to other platforms and applications. Simplify your migration to quickly transform data into business-critical insights without the painstaking work of hand-coding. Compatible with open-source and enterprise versions of MySQL. The MySQL Connector includes a full range of components to provide a fast and seamless integration experience:

Talend’s MySQL components

Sample MySQL data integration scenarios with Talend

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Talend for Snowflake

Easily migrate data into Snowflake, no matter the size of your integration. Talend’s Snowflake connector simplifies the process so you can take advantage of Snowflake’s SQL Data Warehouse and robust analytics features. All without the massive investments of time and money required by hand-coded or manual migrations. The MySQL Connector includes a full range of components to provide a fast and seamless integration experience:

Talend’s Snowflake components

Sample Snowflake data integration scenarios with Talend

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Trusted data at the speed of business

The digital transformation is underway, and the data we rely on today will continue to increase in volume and complexity. As new and emerging technologies drive innovation and change, businesses need data solutions that stay ahead of the curve.

Talend leads the way in data integration by providing solutions for the data challenges of today, as well as those of tomorrow. Talend Cloud delivers a complete set of tools for managing, migrating, and transforming all of your data—any format, any source, any destination.

Talend partners with companies and organizations in every sector and industry to help them create data integration and management solutions that meet their needs. Whether that means moving legacy systems to the cloud, connecting to the Internet of Things, or unifying data captured across multiple applications, Talend delivers customizable cloud solutions and data you can trust.

Reach your full data potential with MySQL and Snowflake


MySQL builds on an open-source architecture that delivers compatibility, reliability, and the capacity to support high-volume websites. MySQL offers 24/7 uptime, comprehensive transactional support, and a range of high-availability solutions. MySQL is recognized as an industry standard that’s affordable, easy-to-use, and highly adaptable.


It’s emphasis on simplicity and adaptability make Snowflake an ideal data storage solution for companies and developers working with diverse data sets. Snowflake automates and streamlines many data management processes so that users spend less time on administration and maintenance and more time engaging with their data. Snowflake supports structured and semi-structured data formats including JSON, XML, and Avro.

MySQL and Snowflake

MySQL delivers open source database solutions that are used by businesses around the world for collecting mobile and web application data. Snowflake helps companies make sense of all that information with powerful analytics tools and scalable data warehousing. If your company is ready to outgrow your legacy system and take data management to the next level, migrating your MySQL data to Snowflake provides a fast path to business insights.

Data integration with MySQL and Snowflake — learn more

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Beyond MySQL and Snowflake — connect all your data

True data integration means having access to all of your data, no matter where it’s stored. Talend Cloud includes over 900 connectors to make sure you’re prepared to manage and migrate data from any source to any destination. Data needs change, and Talend delivers a full spectrum of integration tools so you’re prepared for whatever the future brings.

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