Who is your data?

Deliver full lifecycle, meaningful, and trusted insights for government

It is important to understand your data’s full data lifecycle to have the ability to provide trusted insights that can improve citizen and constituent services. To attain trusted data for a healthy government, agencies and departments must enhance their understanding of data and attain compliance and a commonly understood language around data.

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Do you trust the source of your data?
Shouldn’t you understand how reports are created and where the data in them came from?
Learn how your government can make data governance a team sport with a secure, single point of control to collaborate your data assets.

Does your data meet today’s standards?
How do you know you are compliant and support data privacy regulations?
Learn how you can quickly show you are compliant with intelligent data lineage tracing and compliance tracking.

Are you able to find and share trusted data quickly?
Agencies should empower anyone that needs access, to get to the right and trusted data when they need it whether it’s for a healthy collaborative organization or user experience – with the full data lifecycle and lineage governed. See how you can share a glossary of your terms easily and quickly.

Join Bill Indest for a healthy discussion on data as we cover these 5 takeaways that governments can trust to:

  • Drive compliance and accountability
  • Enhance data management
  • Increase accountability and regulatory involvement
  • Open-ended meta-modeling
  • Audit compliance