Accelerate data modernization initiatives with Talend Change Data Capture

In times of economic uncertainty, businesses need to get the most value from their data, while minimizing pressure on their systems and databases. But with the exponential growth of the variety and volume of data, extracting business value out of that data is only getting increasingly difficult. The result is data transfer latency, data loss, high cost of managing such data and data sources, leading to an inability to use data to make high-ROI business decisions.

Fortunately, with Talend Change Data Capture (CDC), it provides data teams with a continuous data replication capability that is accurate and reliable. By only replicating the most recently changed data in real time, Talend CDC removes the inefficiencies caused by the inability to manage high volumes of data effectively.

In this webinar, we dive deeper into what Talend CDC is, how it can help your organization modernize your data initiatives, and improve your overall business agility.

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