CXF Technology, Extended and Supported by Talend

With its powerful, flexible support for standards-based service development, Apache CXF has become one of the most widely used Web Services frameworks. Talend, the leading commercial provider of open source integration software, uses CXF as the foundation of its service enablement solutions. Talend gives organizations the opportunity to acquire full CXF functionality within the context of tested, certified, professionally supported enterprise integration solutions.

Comprehensive CXF Functionality

Leveraging the robust CXF feature set, Talend ESB enables developers to quickly and flexibly service-enable their organizations' existing systems and applications. Talend ESB maximizes developer productivity and service agility by making it eas y to reuse components across multiple projects and to combine components into composite services. With the comprehensive support for Web Services APIs and protocols that the CXF framework provides (including JAX-WS, JAX-RS, WS-*, and more), Talend ESB speeds the development of rich, secure SOAP and REST services. The system also supports multiple transports including HTTP and JMS, and all major Web Services containers including Tomcat, Jetty, WebSphere, and WebLogic.

Services developed with Talend ESB are OSGi - compliant, ensuring modularity and firm control over software dependencies. You can install, update, or uninstall services without having to shut down the whole system, ensuring maximum up-time for your SOA services.

Value Added from Talend

With Talend's CXF implementation, your organization gains added value that supports the success of your SOA integration projects:

  • Talend rigorously tests its open source distributions across a range of platforms and environments, and certifies them for deployment in mission-critical enterprise projects.
  • The CXF -based Talend ESB is delivered as a single package that simplifies installation, set-up, and source control management. Complementary technologies like Apache Karaf and Eclipse Equinox are integrated in the package and pre-configured for easy deployment.
  • Talend offers a full range of open source SOA solutions geared toward different enterprise needs, utilizing mature open technologies such as Apache Camel and other components of Apache ESB software such as CXF, Camel, ActiveMQ, and Karaf.
  • Talend backs its products with comprehensive user documentation and a variety of training resources, including public and private classes as well as online tutorials and webinars.
  • Talend offers expert technical support and professional services, delivered by Talend staff who themselves are major contributors to Apache open source integration projects.

Learn more about Talend’s application integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for ESB today and start benefiting from the leading open source ESB tool.