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Simplify data and application integration

Accelerate cloud and on-premises data and application integration projects with a highly scalable and secure cloud integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS). Talend Integration Cloud provides broad connectivity, built-in data quality, and native code generation to support the latest big data and cloud technologies.

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One of These Leaders is Not Like the Others

Talend named a leader in data integration and data quality. Business moves fast. Get the data agility needed to win.

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Connect data and applications faster

Talend Integration Cloud puts powerful graphical tools, prebuilt integration templates, and 900+ connectors and components at your fingertips to connect databases, big data sources, on-premises, and cloud applications. Design cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration workflows in Talend Studio and publish them to a fully managed cloud.


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Accelerate productivity with collaboration and management

Talend Integration Cloud improves collaboration when developing integration flows, and streamlines migration across development, test, and production environments. Built-in scheduling, monitoring, and management functionality lets IT Admins quickly schedule, and diagnose job failures, and onboard new developers with the appropriate privileges.


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Speed deployment of big data and real-time analytics

Talend Integration Cloud automates provisioning of big data integration across multiple cloud platforms no matter the volume or velocity. Whether using AWS EMR and Redshift, Azure HDInsight and SQL Data Warehouse, Google Dataproc and BigQuery, Talend makes it easy to turn big data into real-time insight. 


The Rise of Cloud Integration Platforms

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