Talend Pipeline Designer

A next-generation data integration design environment.

Data integration reinvented

Build and deploy data pipelines with built-in data quality dramatically faster, design seamlessly across batch and streaming use cases, and scale natively with the latest hybrid and multi-cloud technologies.

Pipeline Designer Features

Design and Productivity Tools

  • Enables pipeline design in the cloud, and running on-premises in AWS EMR, in Databricks, or in a virtual private cloud
  • Allows instantaneous interactive data changes with live preview of sample data
  • Utilizes a shared, common data set repository across all Talend products, facilitating teamwork, data sharing, and reuse
  • Facilitates data transformations including filter, flatten, aggregate, replicate, look up, join, and window via built-in processors
  • Schema-on-read eliminates the need to define schemas before building pipelines and keeps pipelines resilient when schema changes
  • Extensible pipeline processors provide support for Python coding
  • Collaborate on development with pipeline sharing
  • Supports modern data formats including: AVRO, JSON, Parquet, and CSV
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Data Quality

  • Standardize, cleanse, and enrich data in the pipeline
  • Quickly evaluate the quality of your data sets with the Talend Trust Score
  • Cross reference between datasets and data pipelines for data lineage and impact analysis
  • Data sampling, semantic discovery, and auto-profiling
  • Social curation with data sharing, ratings and endorsement
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  • Streaming Message Queues: Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, Azure Event Hubs, Google Cloud Pub/Sub
  • SaaS: Salesforce, Marketo, NetSuite, Workday
  • Cloud Data Warehouse: Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Google BigQuery
  • Cloud Storage and File Systems: Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Google Cloud Storage, HDFS
  • NoSQL: Elasticsearch
  • RDBMS: Amazon RDS (Amazon Aurora, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB), Azure SQL and any JDBC compatible data source
  • Generic REST connectivity
  • Local Excel or CSV files
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Management and Monitoring

  • Manage users and licenses through Talend Management Console
  • Schedule pipelines and monitor status through Talend Management Console
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Build faster, easier, and smarter

Integrate any data — structured or unstructured — and design seamlessly in batch or streaming from a single web-based UI. Design and build resilient pipelines with schema-on-read, enabling the pipelines to dynamically discover and adapt to schema changes. Improve productivity with real-time development and debugging using the Live Preview feature that shows how your data changes at every step.

Automate trust across your data pipelines

Accelerate data-to-value with easy dataset documentation, quality proofing and promotion. Establish data trust by capturing data quality and popularity while improving data health. Turn data quality and data curation  into a systematic, effortless and automated discipline with Talend Data Inventory.

Innovate and scale effortlessly

Built-in portability enables you to run pipelines natively wherever your data resides. Get unlimited scale by running on big data platforms including Spark, Amazon EMR, and Databricks. Future-proof your development with just one click between platforms.

Flexible pricing options to meet your needs.

All it takes to use Pipeline Designer is a swipe of a credit card, and you pay only for what you use. Built-in product chat provides instant help from Talend’s support team. If you want to use Pipeline Designer in conjunction with the power of the rest of the Talend platform, you can also access it via every Talend Cloud license.

Pricing and Packaging

Start small and scale fast. Pipeline Designer is available as easy-to-start PAYG packages, and as part of Talend subscriptions products.






Max # of users 2 5 Unlimited
Account usage​ 1.71 USD / HR​ 3.42 USD / HR​ Unlimited
Pipeline runtime 0.09 USD / HR​ 0.18 USD / HR Unlimited
Cost per user Starts at $1,170/month
Connectors to SaaS, cloud data warehouse, storage, data lakes plus Machine Learning & IoT
Data integration, batch and streaming plus Serverless
Run on big data platforms  
Data quality plus Governance and AI
Management and monitoring
In-product chat and email support plus Phone and 24×7
Cloud processing engine 1 1 Custom
Remote engines to process data on-prem or on any cloud​   5 Custom
Data prep and stewardship    
Data inventory    
API design and test    

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