Talend Big Data Integration

Ingest and process your big data at scale anywhere — in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid infrastructure.

Get data quality right

Trusting your data is essential. See why Talend is a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions.

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Open Studio for Big Data is great to prototype big data pipelines. When it’s time to deploy them at enterprise scale, the platform versions are available with embedded data quality capabilities. You can easily upgrade to the next edition as your requirements grow.

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Hadoop and NoSQL

MapReduce and Spark

Spark Streaming, Machine Learning, IoT
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Simplify and automate big data integration projects

Scale to meet business needs within budget

Talend simplifies and automates big data integration projects with on demand Serverless Spark and machine learning. There’s no need to provision big data and cloud instances manually, and no need to pay for idle servers. Talend does it all for you, so you can focus on meeting your SLAs.

Innovate faster with an agile architecture

With Talend, you won’t need to re-design your data pipelines every time new versions or releases of big data and cloud platforms come to market. You can use all the existing investment you’ve made and innovate as quickly as you need to with dynamic distribution support and portable data pipelines.

Embrace any innovation with agile architecture

With Talend, we have been able to decode the Panama Papers, rapidly ‘connecting the dots’ between the corporate information for secret offshore companies and the people behind them.

Mar Cabra, Head of the Data & Research Unit

With Talend, we have improved our 48.8 million passenger’s experience and operation’s efficiency. And we have been recognized as Europe ‘s number One airport over 40 million passengers according to ACI World’s globally-established Airport Service Quality programme

Pietro Caminiti - Head of IT Solutions, Aeroporti di Roma

Commercial Products

Talend cloud integration

Cloud Integration

Stitch data loader

Stitch Data Loader

Talend data integration

Talend Data Integration

Talend Big Data Integration

Talend Cloud API Services

Cloud API Services

Data Catalog

Talend Data Catalog

Talend Data Quality

Talend Data Quality

Talend Data Preparation

Talend Data Fabric

Talend Data Fabric

  • Talend cloud integration

    Cloud Integration

    Integrate data, systems, and applications easily with Talend Cloud, a highly scalable and secure managed cloud integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS).

  • Stitch data loader

    Stitch Data Loader

    Easily load data from dozens of cloud sources into cloud data warehouses and data lakes in minutes.

  • Talend data integration

    Talend Data Integration

    Develop 10x faster with a modern data integration and data quality platform for relational databases, flat files, cloud apps and platforms.

  • Talend Big Data Integration

    Unleash the potential of real-time and IoT analytics by leveraging the power of Spark Streaming and machine learning.

  • Talend Cloud API Services

    Cloud API Services

    Build, test, and deploy APIs up to 80% faster by eliminating the need to use several tools or manually code.

  • Data Catalog

    Talend Data Catalog

    Create a central, governed catalog of enriched data that is documented automatically and can be shared and collaborated on easily.

  • Talend Data Quality

    Talend Data Quality

    Leverage the full power and scale of big data with the leading data integration platform built on Spark for cloud and on-premises.

  • Talend Data Preparation

    Transform how IT and users work together with governed access to self-service tools for discovering, cleansing, and sharing data.

  • Talend Data Fabric

    Talend Data Fabric

    Meet all your integration needs with a single, unified platform.

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