Talend Data Mapper

An advanced mapping and data transformation tool  that simplifies the integration of complex B2B and data formats.

Make complex B2B and data mappings simple to maintain

Talend Data Mapper streamlines the development, maintenance, and execution of mappings across any B2B message or data format. It has capabilities like map reuse, dependency management, and impact analysis to improve developer productivity.

Transform any data format quickly

Developers can easily build, test, and maintain mappings across data formats, including transformations between Java and complex XML data sources, databases, flat files, and EDI applications. The tool parses and validates complex EDI (X12, X12 HIPAA, EDIFACT) documents, XML-based schemas such as GS1 and FpML, and COBOL on mainframes.

Runs anywhere

Simplify the mapping process by expressing these formats in a uniform common manner. Extensive sample document support is provided with automated reverse mapping. The generated mapping is usable via a Java API, OSGi Blueprint, or as an Apache Camel component.

Improve execution

Easily assess the impact of updates, modify maps though configuration not coding, quickly diagnose errors, and implement programmatic post-processing. Maintenance and testing is simplified through the automated creation of unit tests and the generation of documentation.

Talend Data Mapper Features

Eclipse-based development tooling

Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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Between Java, XML, database, flat files, and EDI. All of these formats are expressed in a uniform common manner as structures so the mapping process is simplified.

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A map is the relationship between two structures, an input, and output. Combined with using structure inheritance, the map can support multiple inputs and outputs, even of different formats.

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Map inheritance

Mapping definitions can be reused in multiple places, or allow multiple levels of customization of large mapping definitions.

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Simple documents

Each structure may be associated with an unlimited number of sample instance documents. Samples documents are an important tool in creating maps, as often having examples of the data is essential in determining the correct mapping.

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Separation of structures
and maps

By separation data definitions (structures) from mappings (maps), mapping instructions are easily preserved through version migrations.

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Structure inheritance

When inheriting from another parent structure, if that structure changes, the changes are automatically propagated to the child structures.

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Dependency management

When a structure is changed, any maps that depend on them are automatically validated the next time they are edited. In addition, the user can see which dependent objects need attention as a result of these changes.

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Automated regression testing of maps is provided by allowing test cases to be created at any level in the map, usually as a result of running a part of the map using the sample documents. Hundreds of test cases are possible with a map which can all be executed at the click of a button.

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Validation is provided at several levels: 1) validation based on structure characteristics (field size, data type, etc.) 2) validation expressions can be included in the structure definition at any level, and 3) validation expressions can be provided in the map.

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The generated runtime is usable via a Java API, OSGi Blueprint, or as an Apache Camel component.

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Formats supported

XML, Java, Database (Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, SQL Server, PostgreSql, HSQL), B2B EDI (X12, X12 HIPAA, EDIFACT), flat (COBOL, CSV, positional, delimited, arbitrary)

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