B2B Integration

Talend allows companies to intelligently connect, transact, and integrate with business partners without the complexity.

Streamline B2B data mapping and customization

Talend’s powerful visual data transformation capabilities simplify customization while leveraging Spark for scalable performance. Advanced features utilize map reuse, dependency management, impact analysis, regression testing, customized data definitions, and inheritance, leading to increased developer productivity and easier maintenance.

Easily connect across industry specific message sets and protocols

Talend makes it trivial to connect to business partners across a variety of industry verticals with support for industry message sets and standards. Simplify connectivity with broad support of complex formats including JSON, XML, CSV, flat, Avro, Cobol, ASN1, and iDOC using prebuilt industry templates such as X12, EDIFACT, and HL7.

A single environment for B2B, APIs, applications, and data

Enable complex B2B integration flows and processes with partners that take advantage of data, applications, and APIs seamlessly. Talend enables these integrations in a single unified iPaaS environment without the need to learn multiple tools.

Talend customer: GE Healthcare

With Talend, we can ensure prompt customer service for claims processing, exceeding
SLAs for turnaround times and compliance standards.

Sunder Bharadwajan, EDI Services Software Manager, GE Healthcare

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