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Simplify collaboration and governance with a data fabric to help drive better data health

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Ensuring the health of your data requires navigating a complex path, and it’s not a journey for just a select few at your organization. In fact, one of the key focus areas for establishing good data health is to cultivate a supportive culture, so that everyone at your company is involved in preserving and improving your data.

Join Talend experts and learn how to drive data literacy and adoption throughout your organization with a seamless data fabric. Discover how to balance collaboration, ease of use, and governance to deliver healthy data you can rely on for critical decisions.

In this webinar and demo, we’ll explore how the “Fab 4” of Talend Data Fabric – Data Inventory, Data Preparation, Pipeline Designer, and Data Stewardship – all work together, using the Talend Trust Score™ as a guiding light to deliver quantifiable data improvements through governed collaboration.

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