« Talend has made previously impossible tasks not only possible but simple. I’m not easily impressed but in this case I’m amazed. »

Joe Russ, Technical Architect, Willamette Dental Group

Immediate savings

through lower on-premises infrastructure costs

Unburdening staff

No need for time-consuming upgrades

Better business results

and better patient care

Better patient care through better data integration

Willamette Dental Group needed to reduce the cost and complexity of its data environment. By migrating to Talend in the cloud, the company saved the costs of on-premises infrastructure and professional services time, and the migration took just one-third the time of a regular on-premises upgrade.

Now, through more effective use of data, they can provide better patient treatment options, resulting in fewer visits and lower premiums, and better business results, by identifying opportunities for efficiency gains, staffing optimization, and process improvements.

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