« With Talend, capturing data at high speed from hundreds of data sources, we had fifty business projects in production for our financial, logistics, SCM, CRM business units in less than six months »

Axel Frank, Solution Architect BI Platform

50 projects

in production in less than 6 months

70 tables

integrated in two days

Ensuring compliance

with regulatory standards such as GDPR

Establishing a data platform to serve internal customers at speed of trust

In the last year, Siemens has implemented a data lake based on SAP HANA. In a joined effort with Accenture, Siemens has since implemented Talend as their main big data integration platform to integrate most systems in a containerized setup with a fully automated CI/CD Pipeline.

At Siemens, data is captured at high speed, every 15 minutes for some business units, and trusted to meet regulation compliance. Within 6 months, 50 business projects are in production for financial, logistic, SCM, CRM business applications with self-service so business users can autonomously create their own analytics.

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