"Our focus is to enhance customer satisfaction through marketing tactics. Combining all our data has helped us better know our customers and better serve them. "
Marc Gallman, Big Data Architecture Global Business Intelligence, Lenovo
increased attach rate for ThinkPad laptop series
increase in revenue per retail unit with conjoint analysis
reduced operating cost within 6 months

Having the 360° view of the customer

Lenovo is a US$46 billion personal technology company and the world's largest PC vendor. How does an organization build a vision, team, and platform to understand the traits of their customers? With Talend Big Data, Lenovo has built an elastic hybrid-cloud powered ecosystem supporting real-time business intelligence and operational analytics. This platform analyzes +11 billion transactions of structured & unstructured data processed annually.

With the 360° customer view, Lenovo measures customer behavior and journey across 4 screen channels. This resulted in 11% increase in revenue per retail unit while operating cost were reduced by $1M.