Delivering analytics at lightning speed with Talend and AWS

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Talend gave us the real automation we needed, along with collation, massaging, cleansing, scheduled jobs and more. The execution was really smooth.

Ranadip Dutta

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Build a customer intelligence platform with a hybrid architecture (AWS and Lenovo servers)

11% revenue growth

for each retail business unit

Real-time analytics SLAs

down from weekly

10X return on investment

for the LUCI Sky analytics platform

Hardware and PC giant Lenovo was experiencing explosive business growth and exponential increases in data volume. The company knew that supporting analytics solely on premises would not be sustainable, and it decided to move to the cloud. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), Talend, and other partners, Lenovo built a hybrid-cloud platform for analytics.

Lenovo Unified Customer Intelligence (LUCI) Sky is an AWS-based platform that runs the analytics workload for the entire Global Analytics and Operations (GAO). LUCI Sky’s tech stack consists of AWS services such as AWS Glue and Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) for advanced analytics, Amazon Redshift and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for database services, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic File System for storage, and Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2) for compute. For data integration and data quality, Lenovo chose Talend Data Fabric.

After Lenovo chose Talend for data integration and quality, the company quickly discovered Talend was easy to learn and use. Lenovo is a fast-paced company with lots of moving parts and pieces, and it doesn’t have time for long learning curves or failure. Even people who are not completely familiar with building data integration pipelines can become proficient with Talend in a month. “It delivered the productivity we needed,” said Ranadip Dutta, Solution Architect Manager at Lenovo. “When we needed help with our data reduction and cleansing project, our experience taught us that Talend was the right solution for that project.”

At Lenovo, waiting around for answers is not an option. Since reducing data by 40 percent, LUCI Sky’s performance has met all SLAs. It ingests over 40 GB from more than 60 data sources each day. It runs 4,000+ processes, turns tickets around in less than three hours, and its compute is 800 cores. And with all that, it still delivers analytics every four hours or so, feeding dashboards and other intelligence tools. LUCI Sky has also delivered on its annual goal of 10X return on investment.