Build trust into the data that fuels your advanced analytics and decision-making

Develop faster without the cost or the risk

Together, Talend and Databricks provide the enterprise-class data engineering platform you need to make better, faster strategic decisions — without tying up engineering resources. Talend’s codeless data integration (run natively in Spark) and embedded data quality cheques let you deliver accurate, clean data in a way that’s consistent, cost-effective, and scalable.

Take your budget further

Talend helps you build, deploy, and maintain data engineering jobs faster, while reducing the cost of data processing by up to 80%. Instead of paying for idle server time, take advantage of spot instances for on-demand processing and respond to business needs in real time.

Build a culture of data trust

Talend and Databricks embed data quality into your data workflow. Talend’s visual design interface ensures consistent code management, while Delta Lake offers data reliability and version control tools.

Get more from the Databricks Delta Engine

With Talend, you can take full advantage of the scale and flexibility of the Databricks Delta Engine. Scale data engineering jobs up or down to fit your business needs, make the most of runtime elasticity, and get faster access to the data you need for real-time decisions.

Talend and our data lake enable our crew to go the extra mile for our passengers and help them create memories that will last a lifetime.

Madhavi Pamulapati

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