Take the pain out of delivering trusted data for enterprise-class analytics

Spend your time delivering data, not writing code

Talend simplifies data integration and adds a layer of data quality to Cloudera Data Platform, giving you a complete data engineering platform that provides trusted data for advanced analytics. Together, Talend and Cloudera offer a combined approach to trusted data that’s productive, consistent, cost-effective, and scalable.

Get more from your data pipelines

Talend’s friendly graphic interface makes it easy to design reusable data pipelines that work natively in Spark. It includes steps for data quality and governance to ensure high-quality data. And there’s no need to worry about DevOps or provisioning — the entire server management is done by Cloudera Data Platform.

Work with data the way you work best

With Talend and Cloudera, you get a single data environment that spans private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid environments. Decide where and how you want jobs to run, then split workloads as you see fit.

Build trust in your data

Talend embeds data quality and data governance into every step of the data lifecycle, so you can be confident in your data’s health and accuracy. Ensure data governance on-premises or in a virtual private cloud. And enforce consistent code management thanks to our visual design interface.

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By simplifying the process of communicating with our Cloudera data lake, Talend helps us get closer to customers, understand the market, and come up with innovative ideas for promoting our products.

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