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Run your business on healthy data

Make decisions with confidence

Talend is the first and only company to combine data integration and data quality in a single platform. Bring together people, data, and machine-learning technology to easily access, monitor, and fix your data. The Talend Trust Score gives you at-a-glance visibility into the reliability of any dataset, so you can put healthy data at the centre of your business, move faster, and make better decisions.

Know that you can trust your data

Apply these five simple principles to determine whether your data is reliable:


Is your data clean and complete across your systems?


Is your data accessible and understandable?


Is your data readily available to the people who need it?


Does your data tell you where it came from and how it has been used?


Has your data been rated and certified by other users?

Make trust tangible

Talend gives you a complete picture of the health of data across your company, with clear intelligence on where your data came from and how it’s been used. Instantly assess whether data is reliable based on a unique combination of data quality, data popularity, and user-defined ratings — and, if it's not, diagnose and resolve the issues.

Understand and improve the health of your data

The robust features of the Talend Trust Score give you instant access to — and confidence in — the information you need to make timely decisions and run your business:

Trust Score crawler

Automate review and indexing of all the datasets in your data warehouse

Data lineage

Get clear reports that tell you where data came from plus how it has been used and modified

Diagnostics and advice

Easily identify incomplete, corrupt, or untrustworthy data — then remedy issues with a few clicks

Embedded data quality

Ensure data integrity at every stage of the data lifecycle with integrated checks

Social engagement

Share data — even between business units — with data validation, trending, curation, commenting, and tagging

Put your data to the test

The free Talend Trust Assessor gives you an instant report on the reliability of your data, along with helpful tips for making it even better. It only takes minutes to get your rating, so try it right now!

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