Talend Honors

2020 Data Masters Awards Winners

The digital context creates an increasing demand for product customization. To meet these challenges and innovate, we have deployed new tailor-made digital platforms for L'Oréal researchers, with Talend at the heart, to facilitate the management of more than 50 million data per day.

Philippe Benivay - Experimental Data Intelligence

For every dollar we spend on a data initiative, we are able to get $40 in return.

Andy McPhee - Science and Enabling Unites Data & Analytics Engineering Lead

The right of access is one of the rights guaranteed to everyone under the General Data Protection Regulation. With Talend Data Catalog, what used to take 30 days, searching information on the right to access data, now takes just five days.

Thomas Elm - Data Protection Officer

With Talend, we have improve our 48.8 million passenger's experience and operation's efficiency. And we have been recognized as Europe's number One airport over 40 million passengers according to ACI World's globally-established Airport Service Quality programme.

Pietro Caminiti - Head of IT Solutions

You make the difference in your market thanks to the data-driven transformation you have engaged with us. Are you ready to get the recognition you deserve?