Talend Data Masters Award Winners


Our annual program recognizes companies leading the market through innovative use of data integration.

Grand Prize Winners

Customer Intimacy

Air France KLM: 360 Degree Customer View – A Must-have for Customer Intimacy 
Air France-KLM aims to become the leading airline group in terms of customer intimacy. To delight customers with personalized experience, Air France KLM creates a complete 360° view of the customer.

Open Source

ICIJ: Revolutionizing investigative journalism with open data
The Panama Papers was a cross-border investigation by 400 journalists across 80 countries and exposed how the offshore economy works.

Business ROI

Lenovo: Having the 360° view of the customer
With the 360° customer view, Lenovo measures customer behavior and journey across their channels.

Non Profit

UNOS: Making life-saving organ transplants possible each day
UNOS helps save people ‘s lives by optimizing organs’ information available for transplant centers and hospitals.

Business Excellence


Finding more money for clients with a big data accounts payable recovery platform
PRGX is delivering audit results faster, leading to greater profitability for their customers, the top 20 global retailers.


Accelerating the Sales-to-Cash cycle
Sidetrade is improving the Sales-to-Cash performance cycle, reducing payment delay from transaction to receipt of the funds.

Cloud Marketing

Managing a global shopping community
Lyoness helps merchants get the right products in front of the right customers at the right time by getting data straight into the cloud.

Human Resources

Having a single view of 157, 000+ people
VINCI has gained a better understanding of its people for well-run Human Resources programs.

Human Resources

Giving employees self-service access to their information
RingCentral has given their employees on-demand self-service access to their employment information by automating employee data collection.

Customer Excellence

Betting on Big Data to change the gambling world
BetVictor delivers a personalized betting experience by analyzing player behavior patterns in real-time.

Fueling smarter customer engagement 
Calor Gas decreased customer churn and increased revenue with more personalized customer experience through insights from big data.

Transitioning to a digital data-driven e-commerce operation to better serve customers 
Domino’s Pizza increased operational efficiencies, improved customer insights across multiple touchpoints by integrating structured and unstructured data.

Streamlining operations and maximizing bottom line 
Flybe gained new efficiencies and improved services and delivery by successfully streamlining operations through system and data integration.

Delivering “a la carte” services to keep your home running smoothly 
HomeServe is transforming the customer experience by offering the right product mix via multiple digital channels while complying with regulatory changes.

Offering intimate shopping experiences
Jaeger improved customer experience and delivered faster sales insights, while lowering operational cost through a modern, cloud-based data architecture.

“Thinking like a passenger ” to deliver the best customer experience 
Keolis offers smart services by bringing together the three essential steps to the traveler’s day: finding the right routes, buying tickets and validating them.

Water in the city: An immediate and personalized customer service 
With a real-time view of the water pipeline network, Veolia Water France technicians equipped with mobile solutions are able to respond faster to incidents and meet community service level agreements (SLAs).

Driving the smart car with big data 
Wejo makes driving more rewarding and safer in real-time.

Best Value Added Reseller

Making information work 
Datalytyx is a leading UK provider of big data, digital transformation and analytics – all delivered as a service from the cloud.

Charity Donations

The winners selected the following charities to receive donations in their name:

    Talend customer: Save the Children