"Data analysis is key for the success of an online network. Talend helps us find in real-time the signals from our data to support decision-making process for a superior user experience "
Mustafa Engin Soezer, Senior Business Intelligence and Big Data Architect
50 million events per day
Processing up to 50 million events per day for Braze - marketing automation application
10 minutes
Making data available within 10 minutes of its creation
15 million users
Facilitating compliance with GDPR with more than 15 million users entrusting their personal data to XING

Connecting systems for a better business networking

The leading online business network in German-speaking countries, the company rolled out a new integrated architecture, vastly accelerating file processing while simplifying data integration.

Near real-time marketing data analytics now offer rapid insight into campaign effectiveness and support more agile decision-making.

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