"By extracting the information needed from the data and using it as a purchase forecast model, we have increased the efficiency of sales activities and improved
the actual closing rate."

Mr. Tanaka, Chief of Data Science Group, Subaru IT Creations

78.2 billion data


From six months to a few weeks

Shortened development period


car sales closing rate

Helping dealerships sell cars

As the only IT-specialized company in the Subaru Group, the company plans, proposes, and develops IT systems, including core systems for sales, production and logistics, back-end systems such as accounting, human resources and advertising, and networks and servers. Siloed data from across the company has been integrated into the customer data platform (CDP) and the data warehouse. This data includes marketing data, survey data from the customer service department, partner data, web site access logs and SNS data, and customer information and marketing data stored at the dealers.

With its BI tool, Tableau, linked with Talend, the company has achieved an environment that can be analyzed easily. The biggest benefit of the data analysis platform has been that Subaru Group and its dealers can visualize and trace the customer journey from beginning through purchase and identify the probability of closing purchase prospects.

Talend Products Used


Big Data Integration

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