"Farmers now get data to help them earn another $100-200 per month by increasing target yields. That means their kids can now go to school"
Wouter Kerkhof, CEO, Springg
2 clicks
2 clicks / 30 sec. for real-time soil analysis: instant ROI
500% increase
500% increase in yield target using fertilizer advice
4x more crops
4x more crops ~ $100 more a year, so a farmer can send his kids to school

Delivering data to farmers to feed the world

Where will we find food for 9 billion? By 2050 we’ll need to feed two billion more people. How can we do that without overwhelming the planet?

Trying to feed the world is no easy feat. Springg, which is part of Dutch Sprouts, is doing its part by making it possible to provide fertilizer advice to farmers in the most remote regions of the globe. Mobile apps with sensors measure soil elements and recommend the right amounts of fertilizer.

With Talend Application Integration (ESB), Springg is now able to correlate multiple sources of all kinds of field data for delivery to lab for real-time analysis.

The information farmers get truly spurs a ripple effect: increasing target yields, getting more leftover crops to feed dairy cattle, and giving farmers more milk for the energy they need to work on the fields.

Talend Products Used

Application Integration
Deliver agile real-time integration of applications


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