"What products the company should produce and in what volumes? Where to invest or divest and how to react to emerging industry trends? Talend is helping us do that."
Fritz Ulrich Dettmer, Manager, Business Intelligence, Energy, SKF
One person-year
Reduced staff time spent on data integration
Data integration in hours
instead of days
Strategic sales and production planning

Forecasting for sales and production planning

SKF is a leading global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, and lubrication systems. As a global manufacturing enterprise, SKF needs to be able to accurately forecast the size of the market for its products and the demand for specific product types. The company was using Microsoft Excel® files from many different sources for forecasting, but that approach was breaking down.

SKF started using the free version of Talend and then decided to implement Talend Data Management on an instance of an AWS server. When adding a new source, SKF uses Talend Data Quality to assess the quality of data. Analyses that used to take days now take hours with the Talend-driven solution.

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