"With Talend and the new Sinalytics platform, predictive maintenance is becoming even more important. Sinalytics’ refined analysis tools help customers reduce unscheduled downtimes and increase operating efficiency."
Michael Merschroth, Head of vertical IT / Industrial Data Analytics
connected devices
17 terabytes of data
processed per month. Each new product x2 x3 the size of the data
99.9 percent
on-time rate

Keeping trains on time with predictive maintenance

Siemens is the largest manufacturing and electronics company in Europe with branch offices abroad. For the past decade, Siemens has been a pioneer in remote maintenance. From trains to traffic light systems and wind turbines, today 300,000 devices generate and transmit data every second.

That’s why the company is consolidating these activities under the name Siemens Digital Services and has created an associated technology base called Sinalytics. With Hadoop and Talend Real-time Big Data, today Sinalytics processes 17 terabytes of data per month on-premise and in the cloud.

As result of predictive maintenance, the punctuality rate of the Siemens trains has risen to as high as 99.9 percent. This high rate of availability enables to offer customers a unique “money-back guarantee” that reimburses passengers for the entire ticket price if a train is late by 15 or more minutes.

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