"Financial departments are able to compare their performance with regard to payment delays, both approved and unexpected, through a data-analysis based approach and not mere intuition."
Olivier Novasque, CEO
€690 billion
Analysis of €690 billion worth of transactions, i.e. 230 million customer experiences and 5 million companies over the past 3 years
3 to 4 times faster
Big Data projects completed 3 to 4 times faster
Several million €
Payment 1 day earlier = several million € (depending on the company’s sales)

Anticipating customer behaviors today means predicting future customer relationships and speeding up cash generation

Sidetrade is a Cloud-based software company that specializes in improving the performance of the Sales-to-Cash cycle, that is from the transaction to the receipt of the funds. Using Talend Big Data, Sidetrade has developed an analytics platform that predicts the clients’ payment behavior.

From the moment companies acquires a more precise understanding of their clients, and how they pay, the effect is twofold: first, payment delay is shortening, so companies generate more cash. Second, customer satisfaction is improved.

Talend Products Used

Big Data Integration
Realize the speed and scale of Big Data without coding


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