"Medical data are confidential and personal. We have to insure the risk in order to properly set prices and reimbursements. With Talend and our customer portal, we are creating new services for health care establishments."

Raphaël Guichard, Decision-Making and Flow Department, Sham




claims and 40,000 under way


online insurance claims, or 40% of all claims recorded

Tracking insurance contracts and reporting claims in real time

An insurance company’s ability to create new products, establish an optimal pricing scale, cover risks, as well as to offer top service quality depends on its ability to analyze increasingly large data volumes.

Sham deployed Talend Data Services/ESB to synchronize their applications (especially
CRM and production) in real time. This new project allowed the insurer to develop a customer portal that Sham’s insurance customers can use to consult information on their contracts and coverage and even submit a claim online.

Keyrus assisted Sham at various stages of their project.

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Application Integration

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