"With 30 million sellers, 100 million products and 2 million price changes per day, Talend helps improve interactions between buyers and sellers."

Justin Ziegler, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, PriceMinister

1-2K data files

1-2K data files updated daily

< 1 day

Less than one day required to define parameters of new data feeds


2 million price changes per day handled rapidly and efficiently

Making buying and selling transactions faster and simpler

PriceMinister.com has to manage an online inventory of over 100 million products from 30 million sellers and make on average two million price changes per day. To maintain its competitive edge in online selling, the company needed a solution that would enable it to quickly import files and set up new data feeds. The software they had developed in-house to handle these tasks was becoming expensive to maintain and update, and did not support XML feeds.

To meet its need for a flexible, fast way to integrate feeds and update site information, PriceMinister deployed Talend Data Integration, which offers three key benefits. Connected to an Oracle database, it lets the company integrate data quickly, supports integration operations on huge volumes of data, and enables the company to react quickly to any requirements for integrating new partners, which are added at the rate of one a day.

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