"In the modern manufacturing world, a flexible information system that can adapt quickly to changing market is a necessity. Talend’s solutions are very accessible and therefore meet this requirement perfectly."
Laurent Levesque, IS Project Manager, Plastic Omnium
Eliminated the need for custom interface development
Simplified integration via standardization on Talend
Increased flexibility

Improving the group’s product reliability

Plastic Omnium, a leading player in both the environment and the automobile industry, has a global presence, which increases complexity for its information technology function. The company was developing custom interfaces for its global SAP system, but the work required continually integrating new applications, which led them to look for an integration solution they could standardize on.

The company selected Talend Data Integration for its enterprise-grade services and professional support, which mitigates risk. Plastic Omnium has found that with Talend, integrating each new application entails only a slight modification of a job, which saves developers a great deal of time. Standardizing on Talend has simplified work at Plastic Omnium and helped give the company a flexible information system that can adapt quickly to a changing market.

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